Dangers of liposuction: risks and complications

We are all attacked by doubts when we wonder about going to the surgeon to tackle the problem of cellulite. Am I putting my health at risk when making a liposuction? What might happen? Is it worth it? These are questions showing that our health and potential risks we are running are the factors that most worry us to choose one option or another.

celulitis riegos complicacionesBeing well informed and aware of all possibilities will help us avoid unnecessary fears. To what extent our health is put at risk by improving aesthetics? It must be remembered that a liposuction still is a surgical operation, and like any surgery, has its risks. And though new techniques have increased significantly the safety and reliability, they weren’t able to completely eliminate complications. The most common risks are infections, allergies and blood clots. Other problems that may occur are the accumulation of fluid or burns due to friction.

The risks of complications increase depending on the areas treated. If the treated area is large or if various liposuctions are being realised at the same time, the risk increases. Risks also include other complications less common. People with diabetes or heart or circulatory diseases should avoid this surgery. Moreover, after surgery the skin risks appear irregularly or present a rounded appearance. In some cases people lose their sensitivity in these areas or there are scars.

However, there are very few cases that have had disastrous results. As expected, the possibility of a fatal outcome is 1 person out of 5000 (i.e. a 0.02%), representing a minimal risk.

In any case, you should always address yourself to a doctor with proven expertise and prestige. Make sure that you fully understand the procedures that will be performed, and what they imply, as well as talk to the doctor that will realise the surgery about the expectations and concerns. This will minimize the possible side effects and risks that may result from the intervention.