Discover how to get rid of cellulite fast, simple and easy

Find out all you need to know about cellulite: What It Is, how it forms, what types and how to combat them … because, as the saying goes, “Know your enemy is the first step to beat him”

Diet to combat cellulite

Food plays a key role in the prevention and cure of cellulite. In food, as in all things, the key lies in the balance. A healthy, simple, and convenient diet is available to everyone.



What anti-cellulite cream works best?

What treatment is right for you? We can help you!


Being well informed and aware of all possibilities will help us avoid unnecessary fears.
It must be remembered that a liposuction still is a surgical operation, and like any surgery, has its risks.

Carboxitherapy, discover what it’s like!


Ten simple tips to reduce cellulite

Because it is better to be safe than sorry.

Home remedies: easy and cheap

Forget the expensive treatments

Exercises to reduce cellulite

The best way to combat the appearance of cellulite

What is the Vela-System?

One of the latest developments in treatments. Did you know?